——  Dipper Optics is one of Broadex Technologies' Subsidiaries——

            ABOUT US

  Chengdu Dipper Optics Technology Limited (DPOptics ) as a leading manufacturer of

  high-speed optical modules, was established in 2013 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary

  of Broadex Technologies Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300548.SZ) since June 2018, which is a leading

  supplier of passive optical components.

  The company is dedicated to R&D, production, sales and service for optical module, optical

  sub-assembly and optical communication sub-system. DPOptics has professional R&D team,

  high efficiency automatically production line, fully management system on ISO9001&ISO14001

  and TUV/UL/RoHS safety certifications.

  DPOptics current main products are optical modules and 10GPON OLT/ONU have great advantages

  in the module market. Based on the advanced technologies of AWG and SiPhotonics, the product

  line will be expanded to 100G~400G optical modules. DPOptics is committed to providing customers

  with good ODM and OEM services. The existing optical module clear room is 2500㎡ with a monthly

  capacity of 150kpcs optical modules and 50kpcs high-end optical components.


 Chengdu Dipper Optics Technology Limited.



  Address: No.1, 3rd Floor, 7th Building, Xiqu Avenue #199, West High-tech Zone, Chengdu, China

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